25 Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Bring the Romance Back!

Looking for baby girl names that bring a feeling of romance and sweetness? These beautiful baby girl names are perfect! And the best part is they have strong and powerful meanings.

Choosing the perfect baby name for your little bundle of joy is a hard task because names are so important. Lately, in pop culture news it seems there’s no rhyme or reason for choosing baby names other than to stand out.

While I’m all for choosing a unique name that stands out (I did this myself) I also believe strongly in choosing a name with a real meaning that speaks to what you want to call your child every single day.

Names are powerful and speak that meaning into your child daily, you can choose popular baby names or creative ones but choose wisely.

So what meaning should you choose?

That’s totally up to you, however, you may choose to pick a name from this list that is full of romantically feminine baby girl names.

But what I love about these baby girl names is they all have a strong meaning behind that sweet name!

Sneaky, right! Think warrior princess!

Seriously though, I just love the combination of sweet and feminine with strong and powerful!

Here are more short and sweet 3 letter baby girl names

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25 Beautiful Baby Girl Names

Amira – Princess/Rich/Cultivated

Aurora – Goddess of the Dawn

Brielle – God is my Strength

Eva – Giver of Life

Gianna – God is Gracious

Isabella – God is my Oath

Emilia – To Strive, to excel, to rival

Reina – Queen

Adele – Noble, Kind

Amelie – Hardworking

Angelica – Messenger of God

Anna  – Gracious and Merciful

Elise – God is my Promise

Camille – Perfect

Ariel – Lion of God

Eden – Paradise

Eliana – God has answered

Cherish – Care for, Honor, Love

Mirabella – Beautiful, Admirable

Naomi – Beautiful, Gentle

Maya – Great 

Gabrielle – God is my Strength

Sophie – Wisdom

Valentina – Strength, Health

Vivienne – Alive

Now it’s your turn to choose your favorite! Share in the comments below which name you love or share a name that you think is perfect for this list!

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1 year ago

I have a chosen Faith Patience, Charlene Esther, Cecily Joann, Shawn Adam, Adeline Julia, Aubrey Kaitlyn, Eli (Elias) LeRoy and Ezra John for our children. I love each one of their names ????

1 year ago

I named mine Amara Reese

Last edited 1 year ago by AG
1 year ago

We are naming our baby girl Magnolia Gray! I’ve always loved Maggie and fell in love when I saw Magnolia

3 years ago

Brynn Amelia:)

3 years ago

I named my baby girl Eva. Loved the meaning (Giver of Life; Full of Life) from the beginning and our son name is Eli (High one; High Priest).

3 years ago

Hazel Lorraine is our baby girls name

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