Who Am I?

DayJah Danielle is a mother and professional youth advocate. She loves singing and traveling, and has been writing for roughly 15 years.

DayJah serves as the sole owner and editor in chief at Familyfelicity.com. She has a firm passion and commitment to uplifting you and your household, and desires to help families everywhere create lasting memories together.

After living a life of hardship and nearly dying during pregnancy, she became committed to creating a community of betterment for mothers. She felt that it was vital to help other women thrive, and worked to a develop a network of support for women in need. She created this community out of her journey of adversity, and she works daily to expand its impact and grow its reach.

You can learn more about the owner of Family Felicity and read her story of survival and hope by visiting here.


Family Felicity is a community and knowledge resource for parents that was designed to inspire moms and encourage them in their journey of motherhood. Through our creative, supportive, and informative content and programming, it is our aim to assist mothers in forming healthy, happy, and thriving family lives.


Happier Moms, Creating Happier Families!

Mission Statement

The goal of Family Felicity is to encourage moms (and help them find joy)- so that they can be their best and create more joy for their families. 

Vision Statement

Family Felicity aspires to bring glee to everyone who encounters this brand.  Our aim is to be the leading hub of support and nourishment where mothers and families go to find fuel and cheer when they are feeling low.

Company Values

Family Felicity is dedicated to bringing its consumers content that will inform, motivate, and assist. This company stands firmly on the values of integrity, sincerity, innovation, creativity, growth, compassion, and community elevation.


So, what does Family Felicity mean?

Felicity (phonetically pronounced as fuh·li·suh·tee) simply means great joy. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines felicity as “the quality or state of being happy”.

Felicity has a duel meaning and can also be defined as eloquence or the ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts.

Family Felicity focuses on using words and other vices of expression to create a mental and emotional state of knowledge, encouragement, contentment, and bliss. Though most of our content is geared towards moms, Family Felicity creates material that focuses on bettering the entire family unit.

Our emphasis on family aims to include the whole cluster of family, and is designed to benefit all those who are linked by ties of bond, blood, or legal kinship (including caregivers, guardians, traditional families, non-traditional families, adopted families, foster families, married households, and single households). Extended family members -aunts, uncles, godparents, grandparents etc- may also find our resources helpful for connecting with and growing their bond with the child(ren) in their lives.


On 1/15/2014, FamilyFelicity.com was established as a domain on the World Wide Web. Family Felicity was founded by Brandi Michel as a ministry and resource to help moms better navigate the journey of motherhood. The blog officially launched in 2017 and was actively in operation for a total of 7 years under Brandi’s leadership.

Throughout her years as the owner, Brandi did a phenomenal job of cultivating the blog, sharing her wisdom, and encouraging mothers to be intentional about their own wellbeing. Nonetheless, she transitioned to a new venture (Thrive Content Creative) and left the legacy of the blog in the hands of DayJah Danielle.

In 2023, DayJah picked up the mantle and now fully owns and operates Family Felicity (FF). Since taking ownership, DayJah has worked diligently to expand and grow the blog into a full network of support for mothers.

DayJah came across Family Felicity while on a personal journey of self-advancement and healing.  As she was focused on growing and bettering herself, she was granted the opportunity to take ownership of this website (giving her the ability to also focus on bettering others).

Despite her prior involvement in a plethora of entrepreneurial endeavors before she came to FF, DayJah’s biggest passion has always been uplifting others through her writing. She longed for a way to combine her love of family and her passion for creative arts into an avenue that promoted the advancement and wellbeing of other people.

Though DayJah has paved her own pathways of success with writing, she felt that the foundational composition of Family Felicity was on target with the direction she was heading with her own work. She found that the blog fully aligned with her writing style, core values, purpose, and passion. She was elated to take over and has worked hard to accelerate this publication.

Since becoming the owner of Family Felicity, DayJah has revamped its vision, changed its direction, and has helped FF soar to new heights. DayJah has given new life to the organization by shifting the mission, forming new ideas, and implementing programming.

Though DayJah procured this blog, her passion and drive are unmatched. She completely embodies all that it means to be a felicity woman and has worked hard to nurture and broaden the scope of service at Family Felicity. DayJah continues to build the core impact of Family Felicity, and focuses daily on ensuring that more mothers have the reinforcement that they truly need.

What We Do

Family Felicity continues to think of creative ways to help mothers gain motivation, attain knowledge, and receive support.

FF currently has a variety of tools and resources available to aid mothers in improving their daily lives. This company regularly produces blog content and digital products that are designed to inform and inspire. In addition, Family Felicity is steadily building and implementing new programs and services to uplift the greater community.

To stay informed on all that we are doing, check back regularly and follow us on social media.


A note from DayJah…

It’s no secret that depression has plagued mothers for many years. We often hear about postpartum “baby blues”. However, finding happiness is not only something that mothers must strive to do right after giving birth. Often, there is a daily fight to find joy in the journey of parenting.

According to the CDC, depression symptoms are present in roughly 1 in 8 women who give birth to a baby (Depression Among Women | CDC).  In fact, nearly one in every ten women in the United States exhibits symptoms of a major depressive episode in any given year.

Depression affects roughly twice as many women than men (Depression in women: Understanding the gender gap – Mayo Clinic). However, the reality of the issue is often overlooked. Though women are 50% more likely to experience depression, the focus on long term mental health and long-term parental support is often ignored.

For various reasons, being a mother makes the reality of self-care and self-advancement difficult. Mothers often don’t have the time or get the luxury of putting their needs, their feelings, or even putting their healing first.

As mothers, our children, family, professional life, and daily demands tend to become our focus and priority. Considering this reality, I wanted to create a centralized community where moms could easily come to learn, gain inspiration, and be replenished.

While motherhood is filled with many sweet moments of bliss, there are real life issues we face that can make it hard to find and keep long term joy. As women, we can sometimes feel guilty, embarrassed, or weak for saying that we’re sad, frustrated, stressed, depressed, unsure, or overstimulated. Nonetheless, Family Felicity is here to normalize the reality of your feelings and help bring you to a place of lasting felicity.

Though motherhood is filled with countless to-do lists each day, FF is here to help you become more intentional about caring for yourself and for your family. Through content, motivation, knowledge, and partnership, Family Felicity is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need in your journey of parenthood.

“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy”. -Psalm 94:19-

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