Best Stuffed Animals for Baby to Sleep With

When it comes to helping babies get a good night’s sleep, moms will do just about anything! Frankly, our daily survival depends on it. So these baby-safe stuffed animals are the perfect buddies to help your little one fall asleep fast.

Of course, there are a few important things to consider as it relates to babies sleeping with any items in their cribs. So, when can a baby safely sleep with a stuffed animal?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until after your baby has reached their first year before allowing any blankets, bumpers, or stuffed animals to be in their crib while sleeping.

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Once your precious baby reaches this milestone you can feel confident to introduce them to a sweet new friend for many hours of sweet cuddly slumber…hopefully!

Just one more word of caution from another mother. If your baby is struggling with sleep such as loud snoring that wakes them up or sounds like they can’t breathe or they wake up gagging, choking, or screaming in the night please get your baby checked by their pediatrician.

Two of my newborns had conditions that hindered their sleep and needed treatment right away. Once your baby is able to sleep normally, these stuffed lovies will offer comfort and cuddles as intended.

Now on to the best stuffed animals for your baby to sleep with!

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Best Stuffed Animals for Your Baby to Sleep With

GUND Baby Animated Kissy The Penguin Stuffed Animal Plush for Baby

Kissy comes to life at the push of a button Press Kissy’s feet to hear her sing and move her wings along with “Frere Jacques” or play an interactive kissing game as Kissy lifts her wings to her beak and back down in a “kissy” motion to teach baby how to blow kisses back.

Gund Baby Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Bear

This adorable plush bear says Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in a soothing child’s voice. This makes a sweet gift for any baby. It is, however, pictured as larger than its true 8-inch size.

Mary Meyer Teddy Bear

Cream Putty Bear-small is a teddy bear friend made with cream-colored, ultra-soft fabric; great for little ones to sink their fingers into.

Best Blanket Plushies for Your Baby to Sleep With

GUND Baby Puppy Plush Blanket

This sweet puppy blanket plush is 15 inches of cuddles for any little one. The puppy lays like a blanket for easy baby cuddles.

Mary Meyer Baby Lily Llama Character Blanket

This cute little lama blanket is the perfect sleeping buddy for any baby and makes a great unisex gift for babies.

Baby GUND Luna Unicorn Blanket

This 24″ soft plush unicorn blanket is so sweet and complete with baby-safe soft fabric and satin paw pads.

Best Pacifier Plushies for Baby

Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier Holder

This snuggly pacifier holder comes in a variety of animal choices and allows you to remove the pacifier and replace it with your baby’s favorite pacifier if preferred.

Dr. Brown’s Baby Lovey Pacifier

This snuggly pacifier holder comes in a variety of animal choices and allows you to remove the pacifier and replace it with your baby’s favorite pacifier if preferred.

Nookums Retriever Pacifier Holder

This adorable and plush puppy pacifier holder works with the trusted Nookums brand pacifiers or easily detaches to work with your baby’s favorite pacifier. Which is also great for easy cleaning.

Best Stuffed Animals with White Noise

Baby Soother Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine

This little owl is quite large and offers many white noise choices and a simulated mama’s heartbeat. Plus, there is a light projector to act as a night light.

Apunol Baby Sleep Soother and White Noise Machine

This little bear can do a lot and is made for babies to help them soothe at night. Along with the baby soft fabric, there is both a white noise machine and projector to soothe little sleepers. There is a USB charging cable included.

Cocomelon Musical JJ Plush Doll

This adorable JJ plush doll says 7 phrases from the popular show. Its compact size makes it ideal for nighttime snuggling.

Whether your little one is still a precious baby or a precocious toddler, one of the most fun parts of your child having a stuffed animal is giving it a name. Here are some tips on finding the perfect stuffed animal name!

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