The Epic Guide to Using Facebook Groups to Explode your Blog Traffic

Facebook groups have been one of the best tools I used to jump start my blog traffic and build relationships with other bloggers. And they can be for you too. If you know how to use them the right way!

There’s a way certain dynamic and etiquette in each type of group that you need to know before jumping in and participating. You don’t want to make a bad name for yourself unknowingly or even get kicked out!

Using Facebook groups to grow your blog and business

There are also certain types of groups that offer different benefits to you and your blog. We’ll get to that in just a sec!

In this post, I’ll show you:

Why Facebook groups are great and why they’re not

The do’s and don’ts of Facebook groups etiquette

How to avoid getting flagged as a spammer by Facebook and having your comments auto-deleted!

The different type of Facebook groups you need to be joining

Hacks to help you manage all the great information you’ll gain from these groups

And over 20 of my absolute favorite Facebook groups divided into group type to make it easy!

If you’re looking for a solid and effective strategy for Pinterest click here!

Why Facebook Groups are Great and Why They’re Not

When I first started joining Facebook groups, I lurked mostly. Shh… don’t tell!

I wasn’t confident and a newbie blogger so I watched instead of just jumping in. The truth is, there are bloggers in all blogging levels within each of these fantastic groups.

And let me just add that ALL bloggers are just regular people like you and me! And most of the bloggers I meet are super nice people too!

No need to stay in the background… jump in, participate, and instantly become one of the cool kids. Well, maybe you’ll just explode your blog traffic.

Facebook groups are great to help you make meaningful and lasting connections with other bloggers like you. Sappy I know, but so true.

Let’s face it, blogging can be LONELY and no one else in the world seems to understand blogging quite like other bloggers. So, you’ll find these groups a refreshing place to be in your own world with people like you.

Cool huh?

What Facebook groups are NOT is a place to drop your latest content and… run. That’s a finger waving NO-NO.

These groups are free advertising but not free entirely… you pay with your investment of time. If you join a thread… complete it. And if you scroll through and see that someone posted a question that you know the answer to… be a friend and answer it.

Now we all know how precious our time is! So, choose wisely where and how you choose to participate in Facebook groups.

If you do them the wrong way, they can become a huge TIME SUCK and you’ll see no results! Your business is your first priority, not being a participant in group discussions.

You’ll need to establish boundaries and set personal limits to stay on track.

The do’s and don’t of Facebook groups etiquette

Within each group, there are rules. You should find all group rules on the description page, or in a post that’s pinned to the top of the group feed.

#1 READ ALL THE RULES in every group before you start participating and posting!

Each group is unique and the host will have requests or DON’Ts the other groups may not. Reading the rules gives the host the respect they deserve for putting in the time to create and moderate such an awesome group.

It takes A LOT of time for a host and moderators to make sure the “rule-breakers” aren’t running amuck in their group. Sadly, that’s more work than the actual work of running the group.

Promise me here and now… actually repeat after me, “I your name will not be an intentional rule-breaker in my Facebook groups!”

I added “intentional” because we all make a mistake a few times… forget to complete a thread, or post in the wrong place. It happens because all the groups do things a little differently. When that does happen, apologize and find a way to not do that again.

#2 Read the individual share thread description thoroughly before posting.

Again, each groups does things a little differently and to prevent being tagged by a moderator, read the description IN DETAIL before you start posting.

For example, many groups have share thread where you’ll be allowed to post a blog post, a social media profile, or even a freebie you’ve created and have that link shared by the other bloggers in that thread.

Some groups require you to tag all the bloggers you’ve interacted with, others just ask that you like their comment, and others want you to do both. Or something else entirely!

Most of these rules and requests are there because of either getting dinged by Facebook for spammy looking posting or because of those rule-breakers making these more difficult for everyone.

#3 Don’t be a link dropper

I know I mentioned that earlier, but it’s worth repeating. If you drop a link to your own content even on the days it’s permitted and never stick around to help others or share other people’s content – you won’t be trusted.

Basically, you’ll be ignored by the group and maybe even removed by the host. That’s because your host thinks of her group like a legit networking party. It should be fun, laid back, and place where you can connect with other people like you.

No one likes the obnoxious no-it-all at the party who only talks about themselves the whole night! So, don’t be that guy… or girl! 

#4 Don’t leave the same link or pin in every group in the same day

There are so many bloggers who are in many of the same groups. If you decide to leave the same blog post in every single group that day, you’re hurting your chances of getting your post selected from the many, many others in that thread.

Think about it, if you’re wanting to get re-pins on your latest post and you add that pin to 7 other pin share threads, once a blogger re-pins that pin – she’s done. Even if they see your post over and over. They’ve already re-pinned it!

If instead, you shared a few different pins, then you have the potential to get several of your amazing pins re-pinned that day.

There’s also another powerful reason you don’t want to share the same links over and over. I’ve explained in detail below.

How to avoid getting flagged as a spammer by Facebook

There’s a bit of a new development in Facebook share threads that are happening more frequently to bloggers. That is being flagged by Facebook as a spammer and having your comments (your posts) automatically deleted by Facebook.

Let me first say that spammers are gross and make our jobs of creating honest and helpful content so much harder. Facebook works very hard (and should!) to protect all readers from being targeted by these disgusting and lazy individuals. Sorry, got a little carried away there!

When Facebook’s algorithms sense there’s spamming going on… they spring into action. Sadly, you an honest blogger, can become a victim and put in a virtual timeout of sorts.

I know this because it happened to me. I participated in a number of share threads the previous day. And when I woke up the next morning to work on them, I noticed that after finishing 3 threads (yes I know, I’m a slow learner) my link wasn’t even in the thread anymore. At first, I thought I forgot to include it or was losing it!

Then I went through all of my threads and saw they too were all gone. #SadMoment

I quickly took to my beloved groups and asked if over bloggers were having this problem too. And I received a resounding YES.

So here’s how I put myself on Facebook’s naughty list.

Normally, I put sprinkle a variety of different post links in my groups throughout the day. In case you scanned through, I talk about that in the section right above this one.

However, this particular week, I was in the middle of posting a series for 7 days straight and wanted to get those posts out there. So, I posted the same exact blog post to all of the groups I shared in that day.

I was apparently flagged as a spammer and all my posts were deleted. Poof… gone!

To remedy the situation, I took a few days off from posting in the groups. And went back to my regular process with no problems.

The types of Facebook groups you should be joining

There are four main types of groups you should be joining if you want to grow your blog. And don’t forget, I’ve listed my favorite groups down below in this post separating by these group types, so you can start joining right away!

#1 Networking and Support Groups

This group category is mainly a means for you to join and get help, support, ask and answer questions, get feedback, and share your victories and frustrations.

These groups are SOOOO valuable! And, again I’ve shared my favs below.

There aren’t a lot of sharing or promo days in these groups, but some do. But the main purpose is to find your tribe of bloggers and connect.

Networking Facebook Groups

You’ll find some groups you join just won’t be “your people.” And that’s OK! When you find your group(s) that you love… you’ll feel like you’re finally home. And can let your hair down and put your yoga pants back on!

When you find your favorite groups, jump in and provide value where you can. Even if you’re a new blogger and you feel like you don’t have anything to add, let me tell you… you do!

You can post an encouraging word on a post where someone is struggling. But honestly, even in the very beginning, we all know some things that others don’t. And when you see a question that you know the answer to – post away my friend!

That’s a fast way to gain trust and relationship in your tribe.

#2 Share Thread Groups

The main purpose for share groups is to share your latest and best content with others so it can be shared by the group members. And in return, you agree to share theirs.

There are literally endless combinations and types of threads happening every day in these groups. Just participate in the threads you want and be sure to follow the rules and complete them on time.

Share threads are a great way to increase your blog’s traffic and get your content in front of new eyes and shared to a completely new audience. #Winning!

Share thread Facebook Groups

Let me just give you a word of caution. As you jump into each group at the start of your day, it can feel like Christmas as you scroll through all the threads imagining your post going out to the ends of the earth.

But wait! You don’t want to jump into too many threads in one day and can’t finish them all. That’s bad.

You also don’t want to participate in share threads without a plan.

You need to understand your current blogging objectives and only join in threads that will help with that objective. Everything else will be a waste of your precious time.

For example, if you’re working on building up your Instagram following, you may choose to stay focused on all the Instagram threads instead of the Twitter threads.

Think of these threads like a Las Vegas buffet… it’s yummy and you want to dive in but you remember how you felt the last time you tried EVERYTHING. Aghh.

I love share threads, but I’ve gotten super specific in my strategy and ONLY participate in the ones that help me meet my goals.

#3 Hybrid Groups

These hybrid groups have done a great job of building community and support, but also have created weekly share threads to support each other by sharing each other’s creations.

These hybrid groups usually have less share threads than the all share thread groups – usually 3-5 times per week. I love these type of groups because there’s so much value jam-packed in each group!

#4 Course or Blog Specific Groups

The final category is groups that are either by invitation only or groups that you can join once you enroll in a course, mastermind, or even an affiliate program.

Most of these groups require you to have purchased their actual program, course, or book but not all of them.

These Facebook groups are usually smaller and totally focused on every member meeting certain objectives. I love these groups because you tend to really get to know the other members and relationships and even collaborations are born through genuinely trying to help one another.

Hacks to help you manage all your Groups

Finally, if you’re like me, you’ll probably go a little crazy joining all the groups you can find. That’s cool… just don’t get overwhelmed.

I’ve learned a few hacks to help manage all the information and keep track of my share threads each day.

I wish Facebook would create more organizational tools like folders for groups… a girl can dream, right?

In the meantime…

Hack #1

The first thing you need to do when sharing in threads or even in a discussion you want to continue to follow is to save that actual post. You do that by clicking the triple dot button at the top right of the post and click save.

You can then retrieve all your saved posts by clicking the Saved tab on your left sidebar from your home page.

How to Save Facebook Group Post

Hack #2

I add my favorite groups to my favorites. This simply adds them to a top section on your actual group’s page. I use this function to keep all my networking and support groups up top so I can scroll them when I’m ready.

I do this because these groups are so fun to scroll through and jump into discussions, but can quickly become unproductive for me. Sad, but true.

This way I keep them on my group’s page where I have to physically click to get to them.

Hack #3

I also have my favorite share threads and you need to stay on top of those so you can try to post as close to the top of the thread as possible. This helps you get more shares.

To give me super easy access, I pin all my favorite share groups to my shortcuts. You can do both of these functions by clicking the triple dot button at the top of the group’s page.

Pin to Shortcuts in Facebook Groups

Hack #4

Finally, I have a tip for getting more shares on your posts. There are many threads that require you to share a certain number of posts in a thread verses all the posts.

In this case, you need to stand out! You can do this by always typing a brief but compelling summary of your post right before your link. In fact, you should do this anytime you post!

Related: Awesome automation tools for bloggers

Hack #5

Have a plan before you start networking and sharing in Facebook groups! If you are planning to network in Facebook groups, set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes and scrolls through your groups to see any questions you can answer or any opportunities you may want to join.

When your timer goes off – it’s time to get back to your other work. If you see an interesting thread you want to follow or check back to later, save it per the instructions in hack #1.

If you’re planning to share your blog posts and/or social media accounts with share groups – try focusing on one type of activity per day. For example, on Mondays do only Instagram shares and/or likes, Tuesdays do blog comment threads, Wednesday do Pinterest re-pins, etc.

This makes it easy to focus on one type of activity at a time and feels less overwhelming. Jumping back and forth into various task types every day can be very draining and slows you down.

My Favorite 20 + Facebook Groups to Join!

These are ALL groups that are currently active and I’m an active member. I belong to many more groups, but these are simply the ones that I love the most!

Hybrid Groups:

Blogging with Passion and Purpose

Hosted by: ME!!

I have to be honest – I LOVE THIS GROUP! (I know I’m totally biased.) I created this group to be a place where passion-focused bloggers could meet up and help support each other in our shared quest to make money doing work that we LOVE! I go LIVE in the group once a week to teach and share on different blogging topics and have awesome share threads every day!  Join Here

Pinterest Ninjas

Hosted by – Megan Johnson @ LoveFamilyHealth

This group has regularly scheduled share days, but the community is very active and helpful for all blogging questions and support and not just on Pinterest. Join Here 

Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

Hosted by – Kayla Bulter @ IvoryMix

Kayla herself is a branding expert and created a great group about making your blog beautiful and valuable. Join Here  

Blogger Insights

Hosted by Eden Fried @

This is a VERY active and friendly group where almost no questions remain unanswered by several members! This is awesome! There are also a few share threads throughout the week. Join Here 

Ladies Blog for Business

Hosted by: Kristi File @SplendidBlogger

This is a smaller group but has a lot of interaction within each of the threads. Not just on the share threads, but the question and collaboration threads too. That’s an engaged group! Join Here 

Blogging with Heart

Hosted by: Terryn Winfield @Blog with Heart

This is another very active group with tons of helpful posts and bloggers jumping in to answer questions. The share threads are great and Terryn also has a Pinterest Group Board thread to get more contributors to your group boards! Join Here

Blogging Newbs

Hosted by: Mckinzie Bean @MomsMakeCents

This is mostly a networking group, but her share and promo threads are hugely popular, so I put it in the hybrid category. This is a fun and super active group! Join Here

Blogging with a Smile

Hosted by: Chantel Arnett

This is a very large and well-established group that has great support and regularly scheduled share threads that are super popular.

Join Here

Networking/Help Groups:

Blogging Like We Mean It

Hosted by Carly Campbell @ Mommy on Purpose

This is legit my favorite! Carly is the creator of the successful course on manual pinning – Pinteresting Strategies. She’s created a highly engaged and supportive group of bloggers on all blogging lever, especially newbie! Join Here 

Boss Girl Bloggers ✨

Hosted by Ell Duclos

This is a very large group that’s very active and current. Here you can simply post your questions, struggles, or frustrations and the bloggers in this group will jump in to help you out! Join Here 

Women Winning Online™

Hosted by: Jen Synder @Women Winning Online

This is one of my absolute favorite groups! Jen is so involved in the group and is so helpful and downright nice. She also goes Live in the group and shares a lot of great wisdom. Join Here

Start A Money Making Blog

This is a great group, especially for new bloggers. You can get help and feedback on logo design or other bblogging-related content. This is a very engaged group! Join Here 

Blogging 101

Hosted by: Nicole Floss @ Uniquely Women

You can jump into this group anytime and see helpful posts and questions being answered by the group members. If you’re new to blogging, this is a perfect group for you! Join Here

Mom to Mompreneur

Hosted by: Elna Cain @Twinsmommy

Elna has managed to rapidly grow her group while still keeping her group wildly engaged. This is mostly a networking/support group, but she also has share threads as well. Join Here 


Hosted by: Dana Malstaff @Boss-Mom

This group is one of my favorites and is full of experienced and very helpful bloggers who are ready to answer questions and provide feedback to bloggers and business owners of all levels. Join Here  

Women’s Business Accelerator For Female Entrepreneurs Who Hustle

Hosted by: Nancy Elizabeth

This is a smaller sized group but is definitely NOT small in engagement, wisdom, and support. Sometimes the best groups are the ones with less members so real relationships can be forged and real hustle can happen! Join Here.

Redefining Mom®

Hosted by: Monica Froese @ Redefining Mom

This is a group that focuses on moms building their businesses from home. There is tons of support and engagement in this group! Join Here  

Share Thread Groups:

Growing Social Media for Bloggers

This group is bright and fun with lots of share threads to participate in. I love the cheerful vibe I get every time I jump in the group!
Join Here

Pinning Ain’t Easy

Hosted by: Jenn Leach @Millenial Money Mama

Don’t let the name fool ya! It’s a share group that full of share threads in all social media platforms with great engagement too! There are plenty of blog click through and comments threads also. Join Here 

New Bloggers Support Group

Hosted by: Lisa Roe @ Lisa Designs Life

This is very active share thread group with less common threads like share your Bloglovin profile, getting subscribers to your email list, and sharing your Pinterest and Facebook profiles! Join Here

PS. Brand Beautiful

Hosted by: Alicia Powell @ Pixie Stock

This is my latest gem of a group! Alicia is extremely active and helpful in this group. That’s hard to find! This is a Must-Join, you won’t be sorry. Join Here

Influential Mamas

Hosted by: Inez Bayardo

This is a share group that’s mostly focused on mom bloggers, so if that’s you… this group is your jam! There are a lot of threads to choose from, so you can come to one place and have fun sharing! Join Here

Blogging for New Bloggers

Hosted by: Lucrezia, Marina, and Emma @ Tiny Love Bug

This group is beautifully designed and inviting to scroll through, and their share threads are unique and extremely helpful to bloggers wanting to grow their blog. Join Here  

So what are you waiting for? Go join some groups, follow the rules, make some friends, and EXPLODE your blog’s traffic!

Do you have a favorite group you’d like to add to the list? Go ahead and mention it in the comments below!

This complete resource will help you use the power of Facebook groups to grow your blog and business fast!

Facebook groups are an effective tool to explode your blog traffic quickly! However many bloggers aren't using Facebook groups the right way. In this epic guide, learn the do's and don'ts, the type of groups to join, and 20 + awesome Facebook groups to join right now! #Blogging #FacebookGroups #BlogTrafficFacebook groups are an effective tool to explode your blog traffic quickly! However many bloggers aren't using Facebook groups the right way. In this epic guide, learn the do's and don'ts, the type of groups to join, and 20 + awesome Facebook groups to join right now! #Blogging #FacebookGroups #BlogTraffic

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4 years ago

What keep nd of groups do you suggest for Crafters? Trying to get noticed on Etsy, biz page on FB and pintrest.

4 years ago

About to join facebook (I know, where have I been?). Really useful guide to help me get started with groups once I am on there. I am a very new blogger! Thanks, about to re-pin you.

4 years ago
Reply to  Christine

Thanks for sharing Christine! Congrats on your new blog!!

4 years ago

Whoa! I’ve just only begun using facebook groups and some tasks are overwhelming to me. I imagined myself going through everything, but then I spent the whole day doing so. It was then, that I realized, that I knew I needed to focus on what I needed for my blog. Pinning facebook groups is something I learned by surprise – once day, I just pinned to top and it got there! – I learnt how to do it better now. Saving posts is a good idea – I had originally thought about saving the URL in a TXT file or… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Saryan Sha

I’m glad you found that saving tip helpful Saryan! It’s so simple but SOOOO helpful! Lol

4 years ago

Those are great tips. I’m not so active on facebook, for me all is about IG 🙂

Great tips! I love using Facebook groups to meet new people and gain new followers. I’ll have to check out some of these groups you mentioned.

4 years ago

This is all such wonderful information. Thanks so much for sharing!

Shane Prather
4 years ago

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Facebook communities have ben a game changer in my blogging strategy!

4 years ago
Reply to  Shane Prather

Me too Shane!

This is such a great resource! I don’t know what out blog would do without the facebook groups we use. They’re so helpful! And we’re always looking for more!

4 years ago

Yes Christina! I just love these groups on so many levels!

4 years ago

Great advice! When I first joined a group, I did most of the posts in the day, which was too much. Now I focus on one type of post per day, which definitely helps.

4 years ago
Reply to  Julie

I did the same thing, and I got in over my head quickly! Lol

4 years ago

FB groups have been so helpful in my blogging journey. There’s definitely a group for everyone.

4 years ago

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with people in Facebook groups. It’s a great way to learn and share.

4 years ago

Thanks for the great hacks! And the FB groups too. This was awesome and very helpful!

4 years ago

Good tips for the new blogger. I am in a few.

Facebook groups were really valuable to me when I first started out. The downside I’ve found is that my blog is very niche, so while I complete all the shares or comments I don’t get many in return (not that people aren’t completing the threads, they are just choosing others to share). I’ve found a couple of Disney specific groups to join but they don’t seem terribly active, which is a shame.

4 years ago

Hey Becky that’s a tough one! I’d look for some great mom blogger groups instead of just general blogging groups. There’s a TON of those and many of them are pretty active. And I’m assuming that’s a big chunk of your audience.

4 years ago

Thank you for these useful tips! I’ve just discovered Facebook Groups for bloggers and I hope I can make the most of them 🙂 Carlo

4 years ago
Reply to  Carlo

Thanks Carlo! As long as you have a plan, Facebook group will definitely help your blog!

4 years ago

So helpful! Thank you. I have found these groups to definitely be time consuming, but have really been paying off.

4 years ago
Reply to  brittany

Yes, they definitely can be time consuming! Having a laser focused strategy helps!

4 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing BWH! Glad you love it!

4 years ago

You are so welcome Terryn!! 🙂

4 years ago

These are great tips for utilizing groups. And you’ve given shoutouts to some awesome one. I plan to check out the ones I’m not a part of that apply.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jill

Awesome! I keep finding more great groups. The blogging community is a very supportive one.

4 years ago

Your hack for saving Facebook posts is a game changer! I’m a newbie blogger and I just started diving into Facebook groups. Saving posts is going to make my life so much easier!

4 years ago
Reply to  Katie

Yeah! It’s going to make your life soooo much easier!

4 years ago

I saved this post right into my reading list on my computer! Really useful and thank you so much for sharing! 🙂
xoxo Annaleid

4 years ago
Reply to  Annaleid

Great! Thanks so much for saving. So, glad you found it helpful!

4 years ago

These are such great tips for utilizing blogging Facebook groups, and amen to NO link dropping!!

4 years ago

Yes, nobody likes a link dropper! 😉

4 years ago

Holy cow this is an informative post for a newbie like me! Definitely useful and a wonderful resource. Thank you!

4 years ago
Reply to  Joelle Cuprak

Thank you so much Joelle! I hope it helps you grow your blog.

4 years ago

Your point about saving posts is an actual game-changer. And your list of groups includes a bunch new-to-me, thank you!

4 years ago
Reply to  Lorna

Awesome! And yes, those are some of my very favorite groups!

4 years ago

I love that you included some of your favorite groups in the post to get us started and actually learned a couple of new things from reading this! I recently discovered the save post tab myself and you are right, it absolutely makes keeping up with the posts you’re involved in one hundred percent easier. Thank you for this, and I have saved this post to look back on when I have more time to check out the groups you’ve recommended.

4 years ago
Reply to  chantel knight

So glad you found it helpful and thanks for saving the post!

4 years ago

I love the list! facebook groups definitely helped me immensely! The only thing I have trouble with is finding a good way to save them while waiting for the thread to finish (if it’s an all or nothing type of thread). The notifications get lost in my feed and then I get a nasty gram threatening removal because I haven’t finished the thread. Any tips on that?

4 years ago
Reply to  Tara

Hey Tara, it’s a LONG post so you may have missed it, but I shared a hack on how to save those threads. Lol Just go to the top right corner of the actual thread/post and click the drop down menu and select save. You will be able to access later in your saved file on the left side bar (where your groups and pages are listed.)

4 years ago

Lol, these groups always make me so anxious but you gave great hacks! Just joined yours!

4 years ago

My blog would not have survived as long as it has if I didn’t have FB groups. I loved the hacks you shared. I seriously didn’t know about most of them, but they’re about to change the game for me. So helpful! I need to check out some of the groups you mentioned.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tiffany Khyla

I love hearing that… game changer! Glad it was helpful!

4 years ago

Love this post! I am a member of a few FB groups and they have really helped!

4 years ago

Yes!! Facebook groups have been such a driving force at growing my blog! They are also where I have met some of the sweetest blogging friends. Love this guide – thank you so much for the list too! Pinning to come back to!

4 years ago
Reply to  Cathy

Thank you Cathy! I totally love the relationships I’ve built in these groups over the years!

4 years ago

thanks a lot for sharing this i am.struggling on using facebook to drive traffic to my blog but this post provided me with valuable information, i will also be sure to check out most of the groups you suggested.

4 years ago
Reply to  Denise

Absolutely Denise!

4 years ago

I sometimes feel like I’m wasting some time on facebook groups, but this is a helpful guide. I think I just have a couple things to tweak for better success. THanks!

4 years ago
Reply to  MisadvntrMegan

Facebook groups can be a real time suck if not used with a plan. But with a plan, can be awesome!

4 years ago

Well this was very informative! The groups can definitely become time consuming. I try not to commit to too many threads in a day, as I want to complete them all and not be a link dropper.

I think the hacks you listed are awesome. I definitely will start including descriptions when I post my links to get more engagement. Thanks!

Some Facebook groups are amazing and I get lots of traffic from them, but your right. The amount of work I have to put in sometimes is not worth it.

4 years ago

Great tips! I love facebook works, but my participation is definitely a work in progress.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Aren’t we all. 🙂 One day at a time!

Erin Haugerud
4 years ago

Great advice!! I’ll be keeping this in my back pocket!!

4 years ago

These groups have been really helpful to me. Thanks for sharing this post.

4 years ago

I’ve also found Facebook groups so useful for blogging. It’s great to discover other blogs too

4 years ago

This was such a fantastic read with all the info needed on groups. Also thank you for posting all the good ones here. Super useful and well put!

4 years ago

I really needed this. I’m struggling with the whole social media thing and FB groups are no different. I was kind of floundering no really know what I should be doing! You’ve answer so many of my questions! 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

I’m so glad this post was helpful to you, Nicole!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

I needed those hacks. I’ve had a hard time lately keeping all of my groups straight. Thank you!

4 years ago

Can I just say that this is such a helpful, informative post. These groups have been a savior and they keep me motivated and engaged. I think the moderates in my groups are awesome. They pay close attention to positive and negative group activities and they keep it in check. Rules are important. Also, they are willing to answer questions which has been extremely helpful. Thank you for spotlighting the importance of these groups!

4 years ago
Reply to  Anissa

Thank you Anissa! I totally love great Facebook groups and I love being able to highlight the great ones!

4 years ago

Wow. It’s been a while since i’ve read such a well put together post. You touched on just about every question I would have had. Keep writing and your blog will become amazingly successful. Glad I stopped by.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kaelyn Korte

Aww Thank you Kaelyn for the kind words! I love doing what I do!

4 years ago

Great post! I was blown away when I was introduced to the social media support groups on Facebook. They are such a great way to drive traffic, find other people in your niche, and get new followers!

4 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

Yes, I love Facebook groups!!

4 years ago

Thank you, thank you for all the links to groups! The search function on FB only gets you so far, and this is fantastic info!

4 years ago
Reply to  Darcy

Yeah, I’m so happy you found them helpful!!

4 years ago

I’ve just started joining a few groups and this guide was super helpful! Pinning so that I can refer back again! So much good info!

4 years ago
Reply to  Maddy

Thank you for sharing and saving, Maddy!

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