Calling all the mamas out there...

Who are dangerously passionate about being a mom and adore your kids but roll out of bed every morning feeling like motherhood is way harder than you thought it would be.

What’s the difference between feeling calm,  ready, and prepared for the special kind of crazy our kids can craft for us every day and maybe even having some fun along the way…

…and spending your day pulled in every direction, feeling the hot tears of overwhelm constantly flooding your eyes, while you simply drag your exhausted body from one to-do task to another…

…and worse yet, feeling like walking on tiny legos is all a part of the job.

The truth is, the enormous love you have for your kids doesn’t make being a mom any easier. That’s because motherhood is demanding, always “on,” and we all know there are no mental health days you can cash in when you need them.

That means it’s truly up to you to get intentional about how to do this mom life in a way that cares for your family well but also honors you and what you truly need.

And raising kids while still doing everything else in your busy life isn’t something you’re just supposed to “know how” to do well. 

Well, that path is here! I’ve been helping moms for years to break free from burnout, understand their triggered emotions, and how to finally put themselves first without the guilt. 

And I poured all that mom supporting goodness into a simple-to-follow toolkit  I’m calling The Happier Mom Toolkit. 

And right now you can grab this roadmap to calm at over 60% Off!

👉 Your days are happening to you without an intentional plan or rhythm – being pulled from one thing to the next.

👉 You feel like all you do is meet the urgent needs of your family but don't remember the last time you met your own needs.

👉 You wish you didn't feel so triggered by your kids' behavior and could simply relax and enjoy them more.

If those last 3 confessions hit deep in your soul...​

the HAPPIER MOM TOOLKIT has got you covered, Mama!

With the Happier Mom Toolkit,

You can finally stop managing only your appointments and "gotta-get-done" tasks, but actually learn how to make your whole self a real priority without feeling guilty for treating yourself like an actual human.

You'll finally understand why you feel the way you do, and be able to do something about it.

This system doesn't promise to make you "happy" but a happier, more satisfied version on yourself. One who hasn't felt this good in a long time!

"I'm finally learning to be honest about how I'm really feeling. I'm kind of surprised, but doing that actually makes me more calm and prepares me mentally for what pops up in my day. I feel a lot less like a volcano ready to explode.

- Adriana G.

“Motherhood isn’t something we must merely endure but a blessing we get to enjoy…if we know how.”

Ready to claim the calm that's already in you and waiting to come out?

Here's how we'll get you there...

The Calm Mom Trigger Workout. $15 Value

If you struggle as a mom with anger and anxiety, this will be your favorite part of the toolkit! Get ready to go deep with understanding your anger & anxiety triggers, what your thoughts have to do with it all, how to trigger-proof your daily hotspots, and how to recover when you mess up...because that's totally going to happen from time to time. This is going to be good!

Easy Routines that Simplify Your Mom Life $13 Value

This powerhouse of a workbook will teach you the value of routines for you and your children as well as how to build effective routines that you and your family will love. Plus, 12 printable routine planner sheets to get you started on your own amazing routines!

Burnout-Proof Your Mom Life Self-Care Journal $17 Value

This 5 week self-care journal isn't just any self-care journal. It's made for moms who struggle with burnout and overwhelm. It's designed to take you gently on a journey of self-discovery and getting to know yourself and your own unique needs. You'll start with getting to the root of your emotions and slowly work your way to feeling empowered to make positive changes in your day so you can start feeling that joy you know is in there somewhere!

The Happier Mom Life Planner $21 Value

You'll get 81 gorgeous planning pages that feature several daily, weekly, and monthly layout options. As well as planning pages for your home, children, finances, overall wellness, vision planning, stress tracking and so much more! But where this planner stands out from other mom planners, is the focus on helping you stay in-touch with how you're feeling which is so key in staying out of burnout and living calmer and happier days.

This is NOT a parenting resource

But this resource will make you a better parent!

Get Ready to Learn to...

to learn how to THRIVE as a person and a mom

to treat yourself with the COMPASSION you deserve

to start ENJOYING your days & feeling more in-control

to make the most of your TIME with your children

Hi! I'm Brandi a mom of 3 getting-really-big kiddos.

I started my mom life in the front seat of the struggle-bus.
I was anxious, yelled A LOT, and was sooo uptight.

I loved being a mom but didn't know why I wasn't enjoying it like I wanted to.

But once I did learn years ago what worked, I've been on a mission to share my "findings" with every mom I meet!



Burnout Survival Checklist for Moms

A $7 value!

This checklist is packed with simple tips to help you know quickly when you're headed for burnout, what to do when you feel the wrath of burnout right now, and how to recover & reconnect if you do lose it with your child.

How to Stop Yelling in the Moment Cheatsheet

A $7 value!

My #1 request from moms who struggle with angry yelling is how to stop yelling when we're in the moment of being angry. To answer that request, I've created the S.T.O.P. Method, the 4 step process to help moms learn how to stop yelling even while in the heat of anger. It takes practice but it works!

15 Stress-Less Habits & How to Apply Them Today

A $11 value!

Moms who are less stressed and feel happier in their days all have habits they live by to make their lives easy and less stressed. Here are 15 of these habits with a Quick-Win Tip Sheet to help you start applying these habits today!

I've Got Your Biggest Questions Covered


What format will the toolkit be in? Is this a physical product?

This bundle is a digital download and will be delivered via email. After you purchase, there will also be a spot to download right from the purchase screen instantly. Click the button that says access "digital content." This is not a physical product. You can print it out at home or take it to a print shop and have them print (or bind) it. You can also keep the pages neat using a binder.


What can I expect in terms of results from this product?

If you are committed to using this toolkit in its entirety and allow yourself the space and grace to practice and follow through on the tips, processes, and methods taught in this resource you will see a positive change in your life over time. You will get many quick wins from the planner pages and cheatsheets, but many parts of this process will require time and persistence to experience the full transformation. But it's SOOO worth it!


How long does it take to use this toolkit?

There are many unique parts to this toolkit. The planner pages can be printed and used right away on a daily basis. The journal and workbooks can be consumed in as little as 10-15 minutes a day. You can certainly go through the materials at your own pace.

Buy the Happier Mom Toolkit today!


Ready to balance time with your kids and time for yourself and your needs?

Ready to have more patience with less snapping and finally drop the dreadful mom-guilt?

Ready to complete your to-do list everyday while organizing your life in a way that actually works for your whole family?

Still not quite ready? At least don’t leave empty-handed!

Get started on your path to feeling less overwhelmed and more in control even if you don't have time with the FREE Calm Mom Blueprint...

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