9 Ways to Rid Your Mind of Self-Doubt & Become a More Confident Person

how to rid your mind of self-doubt

In this Spring Cleaning Your Life in a Week Series, I wanted to explore the thought of spring cleaning your mind. Specifically, in the area of cleaning out the fear and often paralyzing self-doubt. And replacing it with confidence and a fresh boldness to pursue your dreams, goals, and passions.

As moms, we have so much to manage, plan, juggle, balance, and let’s not forget clean! But we have goals we want to reach – like losing that stubborn baby weight… or toddler weight in my case!

We have passions we want to pursue outside of our jobs and our home life. Maybe you want to start a blog like this one or start an outline store to sell your handmade creations.

There’s just one problem… one obstacle standing in our way.

Fear and its cousin who runs close behind – self-doubt.

So how do we find that confidence and fresh boldness? Keep reading!

Why Your Goals Aren’t Working and What You Need to Do

“Blindly making a goal of meeting XYZ without knowing the full set of consequences may be setting you up for indirect failure. And that indirect failure may be more harmful to your happiness and those around you than you were ever aware of.
So my thoughts are, goals are only good when the outcome is win-win. If goals come at the cost of your family’s quality of life, it’s a short-term win and a long-term loss.”

Read the full post from Bridget @ThisMomLIfe here!

Being a Stay at Home Mom While Pursuing your Dreams

“I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of joy I get from raising these two little girls. I love being able to stay home with them, love on them, clean up after and with them, take care of them.

I genuinely do love fostering their gifts and holding their hands through the trying times. What I’ve realized is that along with being a mom, I have other dreams and passions I didn’t even know existed.

Figuring out how to merge all of these things together has been difficult, but one thing rings true: I am a better mom when I do something for myself. And it is not selfish, by any means.”

Read the full post from Jenny @ RaisingThemKind Here!

How to Overcome Self Doubt for Good

“It is so easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of self-doubt and negative self-talk. I use to (and still do at times) have this irrational fear of failure. I was so scared of failing that I held myself back from trying anything new. If I did actually try something new, I wouldn’t dare tell anyone that I was, because I was scared if I did fail, they would judge me, and that left me with no support system or accountability, which often led me to failure. (vicious cycle, I know).

BUT, eventually I become so accustomed to not trying new things that it became normal for me, and then I became bored and uninspired by anything, and with that I was using the “There is no point in trying I will just give up or fail” as an excuse to stay inside my comfort zone .

Luckily, I broke out of that rut and realized that I enjoy personal growth and personal improvement and that in order to achieve either of those things, I had to leave my very cozy comfort zone, I needed to take a few risks, and I needed to stop being terrified of failure. But most importantly, I needed to stop using my fear of failing as an excuse. So I did.”

Read the full post from Adjusting to Adulthood here!

Forget Overcoming Your Fear, You Need to Understand Your Fear

“You have goals and dreams you want to achieve, but you’re stuck at “I’m afraid.” Like the opening montage to an amazing movie, it starts playing and before the movie picks up, you hit the escape button.

So instead of thinking about all the good possibilities that could happen, we freeze, hit escape, and stay where it’s safe in our comfort zones.

Nothing bad happens in the comfort zone, but nothing great happens either. You’re still “safe and sound” in a situation you’re not loving. And every time you submit your thoughts and your actions to the fear, you’re actually reinforcing it.

We may not be able to control what happens to us or change the system, BUT we can control our thoughts. In this space, you are in control.”

Read the full post from Nadalie Bardo here!

If You’re Not Sure of Your Purpose, Follow Your Passion

“When I found my sweet spot–that place where our passion, what we’re good at (our skill) and God’s timing collide, it was divine. I love how my dear friend, Ann Voskamp puts it, “You were made for the place where your real passion meets compassion because there lies your real purpose.”

Saying yes to our purpose is more about courage and faith than opportunity and success. I don’t think we always recognize our God-sized dream for what it is, especially when it’s wrapped up in our normalcy.”

Read the full post from Kristen @WeAreThatFamily here!

How Motherhood Prepares You to Run a Business

“So much of my time was focused on this sweet child I was raising, but I couldn’t completely let myself go. In those free moments, I was consumed with how to improve myself, as a wife, mother, contributor to society etc.
I began using my time to learn valuable skills. When my baby was little I would read articles during late night feedings or work on a course that taught a practical skill.
This helped me stay fulfilled and confident. Although I knew nothing was more important than that little cutie, it did give me some much needed “me time.”

Read the full post from McKinzie @MomsMakeCents here!

28 Books to Read in 2018

This post is full is great books to read this year in every area:
Your personal enjoyment AKA Fiction
Personal Growth

Get the full list from Kayse @IntentionalMoms here!

How to Boost Your Confidence and Overcome Self Doubt

“To overcome self-doubt requires affirmative action while being attentive to the inner critic — that is, you take action in spite of the doubt.

In a recent documentary highlighting the sport of accelerated free falling, the adventurer is asked by a reporter if he felt fear before jumping. He reassured him fear was present during every jump and reminded him of the inherent dangers associated with the sport. He managed his fear by turning down the volume on it so it didn’t overwhelm him.”

Read the full post from Medium here!

What’s your biggest struggle holding you back from pursuing your dreams, goals, and passions? Share in the comments below!

how to become a more confident person9 tips to ditch self-doubtWe all have passions we want to pursue outside of our jobs and our home life. Maybe you want to start a blog or an outline store to sell your handmade creations. There’s just one problem… Fear and self doubt are standing in the way. Get 9 ways to kick self doubt and fear so you can be free to chase your dreams!

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3 years ago

Thanks for including my post on self doubt within this post! I love the idea of rounding up various posts that touch on a subject and gives your readers different examples / perceptions! Great read with lots of great tips!

4 years ago

What an excellent post! Thank you so much for speaking to the fears we all struggle with!

4 years ago
Reply to  Lesly

Thanks Lesley! I like how you added the fears we “ALL” struggle with. So true!

4 years ago

Great collection of advice, Brandi! Spring is the perfect season to renew your mindset and set yourself on the path for success. As nature blossoms, I believe we should blossom with it. Thanks for including me in your awsome roundup.

4 years ago
Reply to  Nadalie

It’s my pleasure Nadalie! You’re awesome content makes it easy to link up to!! This won’t be the last!

4 years ago

So many great tips and resources here! Isn’t it amazing how we are often the biggest thing standing in our own way?

4 years ago

I have loved starting this blog journey. Although I’m still learning a ton and sometimes I wonder if I will ever make a living out of this…I truly love writing about my life and what it’s like. I try not to let anything get me down!

4 years ago

When you’re a mother, you have to figure what works for you with your family when chasing your dreams, such as a blog. It always feels great when you get positive feedback from readers and your own family instead of negative ones.

4 years ago

I love your point about understanding your fear! It’s a great one. Knowing where something comes from can make it easier to conquer.

4 years ago
Reply to  Becky

Yes, totally Becky!

4 years ago

this makes me think — working for my passion. hmm

4 years ago

This was such a nice read!
I think that understanding your fear is difficult. It’s way more comfortable to accept that you are afraid of something, rather than trying to understand why and overcome it

4 years ago
Reply to  Cristina

Yes, Christina! Understanding your fear takes both work and courage. Most people just don’t want to do what it takes.

4 years ago

I love this post and all the points you took time to talk about, all moms should read this.

4 years ago
Reply to  Nita

Thanks Nita!

4 years ago

Such great tips! Fear and self doubt can be so hard to overcome when it creeps in. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

4 years ago

I think it’s so importantnot to get rid of your hobbies or dreams when you become a mom. Not only is it important for your own self-health, but it is also important for your kids to see you chasing your dreams and being positive about ht future.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tayler

I totally agree Tayler! I love showing my kids about being brave and chasing my dreams even when it’s hard!

4 years ago

Great post! It is so difficult when we allow self doubt to enter in to our frame of mind. Good reminders.

4 years ago

This is a such a great post! It gives really great tips – thanks for sharing!

Aishah x

4 years ago
Reply to  Aishah

Thanks Aishah!

4 years ago

Love this ✨This is so true, Be fearless it’s what I tell my audience too, Be confident in everything you do in your life to know you can do it ♥️

4 years ago
Reply to  Aimee

Yes Aimee! I believe that true confidence follows the action. That means we need to be brave enough to do things when we’re afraid or don’t feel ready!

4 years ago

I definitely struggle with this sometimes!

4 years ago

Hi Brandi, nice to visit you. You have well described Ways to Rid Your Mind of Self Doubt.. Love to read funtastic.

4 years ago

This post is packed full of resources. Thinking on things that are true and right is so important as a mom. We all live busy lives, and having a correct thinking process is key. Exercise is my go-to me time!

4 years ago
Reply to  Kristin Dunn

Exercise is a great way to get me-time!

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