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Hi, my name is DayJah Danielle.

I’m so grateful that you are here, partaking in this journey with me!

I’m a blogger, mother, poet, and lover of all things fun. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, making music, and bonding with my family.

I have a double degree in psychology and sociology, and a certification in communication.

I have worked in youth services for over 7 years. Nonetheless, my greatest passions are writing, uplifting women, encouraging mothers, and bringing joy to those around me.

DayJah, Blogging

Have you ever heard the phrase, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?… There’s a lot of truth in this statement!

Women are tasked to be the backbone of the family unit. However, we need backing too…. Family Felicity is here to be that backing for you!

Being a mother isn’t easy. We are charged with many different things daily. Often, it can feel like we’re carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Nonetheless, this blog is here to help you gain strength and inspiration as you continue to balance and navigate carrying the heavy load.

If you’re struggling, please know you’re NOT alone. As mothers, we labor each day and strive to be there for our kids in each stage of their development. It takes a lot to raise children, and It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by everything that we are tasked to do.

DayJah and Dayanna, in the hospital

I have struggled for many years to find contentment and get to a place of cohesion and balance as a mother. As a single mother, full time non- profit worker, business owner, and abuse survivor, I have wrestled with overcoming every negative feeling that a mother can feel. In fact, I started my journey of motherhood battling one of the biggest traumas and emotional storms of my life.

Towards the end of the pregnancy with my daughter, I had a blood clot form in my body that traveled to my lungs (medically referred to as a pulmonary embolism).

The pain was excruciating! I fainted and woke up from an unconscious state on the bathroom floor. I was in respiratory distress and was gasping for air with each breath that I took.

After being rushed to the hospital, I fought for my life for days in the ICU. I almost died and due to my condition, my child was confirmed to have no heartbeat. My daughter was pronounced dead in my womb, and I was told I would be birthing a stillborn baby.

Labor and delivery were physically and emotionally difficult. With only my midwife at my side, I painstakingly managed to push my daughter out.

My child laid completely still and was silent when she came out of my womb. My midwife led my hand to her body as she laid lifeless on my birthing bed. However, as soon as my hand touched her, she let out a small, faint cry to inform me of her inner strength and fight!

DayJah and Dayanna, living in felicity

By a miraculous act of God, my daughter was brought back to life. Doctors, nurses, and professionals that were assigned to our care rushed to the room and were completely astonished. They had no clue how she survived or what this miracle of life meant. However, I knew that it meant there was great purpose ahead for both me and my daughter.

Despite being pronounced dead, being born prematurely (during a worldwide pandemic), and having a brain bleed, my kiddo was restored to full health. We both stayed in the hospital for roughly 3 weeks. Nonetheless, today, we are both living, breathing, thriving, healthy individuals!

Since the day that I was revived in the hospital, I’ve fully dedicated my life and my time to practicing gratitude, embracing each moment, and finding joy in the midst of life’s storms.

Depression and confusion used to consume me. Nonetheless, despite facing abuse, battling parenting struggles, and enduring several issues in my personal life, I now strive to make each day count and do all I can to help my child thrive. Though my life isn’t perfect, I choose to use my story of survival to bring life to dead things and to help others heal.

Three Generations (DayJah, Dayanna, and Sandy)

Knowing my personal struggles and witnessing the struggles of others inspired me to create a community where women can turn to be nurtured and fed. As a result, Family Felicity was structurally designed to encourage you, and help families everywhere achieve unity and bliss as a cohesive unit.

Life can weigh on us all sometimes. However, I’m here to remind you that there is joy on the other side of whatever you may be going through.

In pain, stress, and anxiety, we have a choice in our perspective and can choose peace in the midst of the storm. Even if we face chaos, we can do all we can to find beauty in the ashes. We can find hope, help, and happiness. We can flourish and break generational bondage.

DayJah, Dayanna, Sandy, and Ross

I’ve come a long way in my journey; however, I have so much more to uncover. Each day is an adventure of growth and discovery.

I am still learning and striving to be the best parent and best person that I can be. Nonetheless, we can grow together, learn together, and help each other thrive in this crazy and amazing journey of motherhood!

When we’re at our best, our family gets our best. So, I am here to motivate you in your journey of becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

I look forward to our continued evolution in this quest as we all work to achieve true felicity in our family lives!

“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” -Psalm 94:19-