How to Realistically Run Your Blog During Your Little One’s Nap

How to run your blog during naptime

If you’re a mom blogger, you know how perfect blogging is for moms! I’m so happy I decided to pursue blogging as a full-time career. It provides me so much flexibility to be home with my kids and available for things like class field trips at school.

But working while at home with the kids can be super crazy-town!

In the beginning, before all my kids were in school, I blogged at home with them while they were babies and toddlers. In fact, I was doing more than blogging because I also had to work for money. 

So let’s just say I know a thing or two about working around the needs of my children. And early mornings and nap times were basically my office hours, and they can be yours too!

Every mom knows the beauty of this special time while the kids are asleep – PEACE and QUIET. And time to get stuff done without being pulled on in the process.

So what does a busy mom do during this sanity break? Do random chores, watch the latest episode of This is Us, call a friend and catch up, or take a nap?


Because I’ve always been working from home at the very beginning of my motherhood journey, I’ve needed to be very strategic about how I manage my time.

I just want to quickly note here, I’m not saying those above things are bad. If you can get a nap in or catch up on house chores while your baby sleeps without taking a hit in your business… go for it!

For me, I’ve always needed to treat this time like I’m reporting to work… no matter how tired I am.

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5 Tips to Help you Easily Work During Naptimes

1 – Have your time pre-planned in advance

When you’re doing anything inside of a small window of time, planning is your friend. If you sit down to work for an hour and spend 30 minutes thinking up how to best use this time, you’ve just wasted half of your precious time.

And that’s a productivity killer!

If planning isn’t your area of expertise, that’s OK. Just plan out a week at a time. Put the specific to-do items that can be done on each day on a planning sheet or calendar. You don’t need anything fancy. Just write it down. I have an awesome weekly planning sheet in my Passion Project Blueprint shown above.

This way when you start your work, you can actually do just that – work!

I use a tool called Trello to plan out all my calendar, planning, and blog tasks. I keep adding new lists along the way and I love it!

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2 – Set a Timer

Setting a timer and working straight through until it goes off is a great mental strategy to keep you focused. It helps you to stop being a clock watcher and work until you hear the alarm.

Just don’t use a loud egg time or your regret it! Remember, naptime! 😉 Shhhh

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3 – Batch Your Tasks by Day

You’ll want to batch your tasks throughout the week so you can hopefully complete a whole project in a week. For example, I have certain days scheduled for my writing-related tasks. I schedule my graphics and other similar tasks for another day.

I also share my blog posts in Facebook Groups on certain days in different share groups. I am very strategic in my promotion schedule so I can keep working on “like” tasks in one sitting as much as possible.

This keeps me much more productive than if I had to keep switching for one random task to another.

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4 – Show Up Every Day

In order to see the results you’re looking for you need to show up every day. Working only when you feel inspired will seriously hinder your goal slaying abilities.

Even when you don’t see results right away – keep going! The key is to focus on the right tasks and not on measuring your results every second of the day.

There’s a time for measuring and tracking your progress, but your day to day focus needs to be on the work.

Pursuing your passion (with the right heart and balance) actually works to fill you up as a mom. And helps you become your best. And that’s a gift to your family!

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5 – Only Do the Tasks That Are Hard to do When My Son’s Awake

Do only the activities that need to be done in the quiet. I don’t recommend doing tasks that you can easily do when your kiddo’s awake. Reserve naptime for those tasks that require your full attention and concentration.

This is when I do ALL my writing. I write and edit my posts, my weekly newsletter, and any other projects I’m working on. And that list always seems to be getting longer!

I’m able to accomplish so much during this time so I can work through my goals quickly.

If you’re wondering when I get all the house stuff done?

My simple answer is, whenever I can fit it in! I also have older kids who help ease the load, and of course my husband.

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 I want you to be courageous right now and write in the comments below what your passion is, and if you’ve started working on it yet. And then publicly declare with the rest of us – I’m in!

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4 years ago

Spot on with these helpful tips, and setting a timer is an excellent suggestion! I love sharing in fb groups. I’m trying to learn to work efficiently and quickly!

4 years ago
Reply to  Kristin Dunn

Yes I love sharing and connecting with other bloggers in Facebook groups. And they can be overwhelming if you don’t have a strategy. Here’s my post on EVERYTHING you’ll need to know about using Facebook groups for blogging – including how to keep your threads organized.

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