5 Simple Ways to Find & Own Your Season of Motherhood!

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Just like the leaves change every fall and the winter air rushes in to steal away our summer days, motherhood has seasons that change with as much intensity as the natural seasons do.

How we handle those inevitable changes will be the difference between enjoying the days and feeling blindsided and overwhelmed by them.

The only thing that is certain is the fact that change is always happening so we might as well flow with it instead of fighting against it.

In this post and in the video teaching below, I’m sharing the 5 simple ways to find your season of motherhood and to fully own it!

Find Your Location First

In order for us to fully own our season of motherhood we first need to know what season we’re in. This may seem obvious but so often we miss this step altogether because we keep forcing ourselves to operate the same way no matter what changes in our life.

This is a recipe for burnout and overwhelm in motherhood. If you’re a brand new mom and still finding your way, it’s reasonable to assume that your days won’t look the same anymore. However, mentally we keep telling ourselves that they should.

We tell ourselves that if we focus intentionally or work hard enough, we can just fit our baby into our already existing lifestyle. If you’re not a new mom and have been around the motherhood merry-go-round a few times you already know this quite well.

So here’s the thing, every time you add a new baby or add a new responsibility to your days like going back to school or starting a new career you are entering a new season. And it’s vitally important that we actively acknowledge that fact.

That brings me to the next step.

Give Yourself Grace in that Place

Let me ask you something. When was the last time you were kind, encouraging, and supportive to yourself when you were going through a hard time?

Do you regularly practice talking to yourself in the language of grace? If not, I highly encourage you to start making kind self-talk a priority.

God’s Word tells us in Ephesians 4:32 to, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Don’t think for a second that this doesn’t apply to how we talk to ourselves.

There is no step-by-step instruction manual for motherhood. There are countless bumps and detours along the way and we need to quickly forgive ourselves when we take the wrong route.

Perfection in motherhood doesn’t exist so the sooner we start embracing our imperfections the better off we’ll all be!

Make Sure Your Decor Matches the Season

Just like some people love breaking out their favorite seasonal decor at the turn of each new season, we need to do the same in our motherhood seasons.

Think of them as adjustments more than decorations. And they are super important to our overall wellbeing!

An example of an adjustment would be changing your Bible study routine to listening to a devotional on your phone while feeding your new baby instead of your preferred method of full-on reading and journaling in your Bible. There’s no one right way to feed your faith!

If you’re homeschooling your kids, another adjustment might be to wake up two hours before your kids do in order to get your most important work time done first. Waking up hours before my children do isn’t ideal, but has been my routine for many years. Remember it’s just a season.

The point is to drop the pressure to keep doing things the same way even when things change. That’s madness and we’ve got to give ourselves permission to change as needed along the way.

Don’t Rush the Process

Every season we find ourselves in won’t be our favorite. Just think about our natural seasons. If you love summer, chances are, you’re not a huge fan of winter. And if you’re a lover of all things hot cocoa and mittens, you’re likely hating the humidity in the dead heat of summer.

But whether we’re savoring the moments or wishing them away there are lessons to gain that we don’t want to pass us by. God wants to help us grow through our seasons instead of just going through them as fast as we can.

He is speaking to us and giving us wisdom to prepare us for the next inevitable season coming. I want to charge you to fully lean on Him for everything you need. If it’s provision, wisdom, or better attitude – He’s got it all and He’s not withholding a thing from you!

Practice Protecting Your Connection

This step will “look” different as you navigate through the phases of motherhood but it must remain a pillar in your routine.

So what connection are we protecting? There are several connections that are vitally important to our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. The first and most important is our connection to our Savior and having quiet time in His presence.

Please know this, so many mothers feel guilt when their quiet time routine takes a nosedive when they have a new baby or when things get busy. I think we sometimes forget that God knows where we are and He’s never wagging a finger in our direction.

The other connection we must protect is the connection to ourselves and our purpose. This is a big one and encompasses our health routines, friendships/marriage, and the work God put in our hearts to do that falls outside of being a mom.

The execution of these routines will shift and change throughout the seasons, but we want to protect these values in our lives because they are what bring us fulfillment and satisfaction outside of our roles as mothers. We don’t want to underestimate that power in our lives.

Are you struggling in your current season? Wish you were able to be a calmer and more joy-filled version of yourself? I used to feel the same way years ago but I’m no longer struggling with anger, yelling, and overwhelm in motherhood.

And I’ve created The Calm Mom Formula to help you find your calm too! Click the image below to grab your FREE copy today!

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