Have Faithfulness During Trying Times

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”
John 14:27

We’re in the midst of a trying time. The Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that affects everyone from all corners of the globe, including teenagers and seniors. Every age group is at risk, as are newborns and those over 65.

It’s easy to get nervous about this. You may feel compelled to save supplies, anxiously scanning the news, or worrying about all of the terrible things that might happen to you and your loved ones.

These are normal and natural human reactions to chaotic situations. However, just because panic is a tempting reaction doesn’t mean that it’s the best one. There’s another alternative you might be tempted to overlook—peace.

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Peace is frequently regarded as a pleasant blessing that we feel now and then. Perhaps you felt at peace amid a hectic week when you took a day off to spend time in nature or learned that a loved one’s cancer had not recurred.

It’s not just a pleasant surprise that peace exists. It’s also a decision.

We may choose to live in peace, even during a worldwide pandemic. Even when we are concerned about maintaining our employment. When we’re worried about feeding ourselves or our families. We may still choose to live in peace.

Finding Inner Peace When Life Gets Chaotic

It all begins with looking to God’s throne. In Psalm 47:8 (NLT), the Psalmist proclaimed, “God reigns above the nations, sitting on his holy throne.”

These words, just like those spoken 2,000 years ago, are still true today. God is still on the throne. He continues to reign.

Take a minute to think about that truth. Despite the turmoil, suffering, and heartbreak we see in the world today, God continues to maintain total control.

Is God Here Right Now?

In Matthew 10:29-31 (NLT), Jesus proclaims, “What is the price of two sparrows—one copper coin? But not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.”

You are a treasure to God. He formed your cells together. He picked the color of your eyes and the sort of pair you’d have. He drew on your moles and beamed with delight as he gave you that birthmark on your back. He adores hearing your laughter, and He values your heart greatly.

It’s easy to lose track of these truths amid pandemonium. It’s all too easy to think that God is unapproachable, yet He has never been more close to you. God loves you and loves those whom you love.

Is God Concerned with the Coronavirus?

Matthew 14:14 reads, “Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them and healed their sick.” 

Jesus’ healing powers were one of the characteristics that distinguished His ministry from others. Simply touching the border of His garment might cure someone of sickness.

The same Jesus who had concern for the sick and feeble thousands of years ago still feels for those who suffer today. He remains concerned about every sneeze, cold, flu, or virus that we encounter on the planet.

How Can I Share My Faith?

You may rejoice as a Christian today. You’re amid a fantastic chance to share your faith. People have never been more desperate for words of encouragement and optimism than they are now.

You may sow kindness and grace by being polite to people around you (including those you see at the grocery store or the doctor’s office). You can demonstrate Christ’s love by refusing to hoard goods, and even better, sharing what you have with those who don’t. By remembering God’s care and provision in difficult times, you may be a light of hope to others.

Let’s Pray Together…

We rejoice in Your Sovereign Power, God today. We choose to recall that You are in control and no virus, flu, or sickness may enter our lives without Your approval. You alone have the power of life and death.

We pray for everyone who has been impacted by the Coronavirus and will be so in the future. We beseech for complete recovery of their bodies and minds, as well as uninterrupted peace. We ask for a swift return to full strength and accelerated recoveries.

We pray for those who are presently working in the medical field. These healers are very near to your heart, we know. Please keep them safe from this terrible illness. Comfort them as they comfort others. Encourage them while they’re in the fight and remind them that you’re there for them.

Finally, we pray to you, Lord, for those who have lost loved ones to the coronavirus or will do so in the future. We beseech you to accompany these valued people on their path. Allow us to be empathetic, sympathetic, and willing to join in others’ sorrows while grieving with them and consoling them.

Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You for being in control even when the world appears to be out of control and frightening. Let us look to You in these times. Continue to keep our eyes on the Cross. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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