Why All Moms Need to be Intentional With a Regular Self Care Routine

self care activities for moms
self care activities for moms

Do you think it’s a good plan to deny yourself the entire season you’re raising a family with the plan to become your “best self” after your kids are grown and you have more time?

Which version of yourself do you think your kids deserve more – your current version or your BEST version? I’d vote for best version!

And no, I didn’t say perfect… that doesn’t exist. Best means YOU living the way God created you to live. Think of it like YOU with all the upgrades and shiny granite. 😉 When we’re at our best, we’re not on edge, stressed, and burnt-out. We’re happiest, fulfilled, and even fun.

Fun… what’s that?!

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I’d venture to guess that most of us aren’t living at our best, and some of us are actually far from our best. We truly aren’t doing anyone any favors by treating ourselves like the family pet who eats the scraps after dinner’s over.

You are worth more than that!

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Self Care Starts with Self Love

Let me start off by saying self-care isn’t frivolous, a luxury, or a treat you give yourself when you feel you need it. Self-care is something we must do every day to stay sane as busy moms!

When was the last time you put yourself on your priority list and actually took good care of your needs… without feeling guilty for doing it?

We need to grow to a place where we love and serve ourselves just as well as we do our families.

You deserve it, mama!

It’s Ok… rather, it’s necessary to treat yourself well.

And if you won’t give yourself permission to do it for yourself, then do it for them!

Your family wants, needs, and even deserves to see you living at your best.

It’s time to make the priceless investment in YOU.

Stop putting off making yourself a priority

Think about it, you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) put off investing in your marriage until all your kids are grown, would you? Many empty nesters look up across the, now empty, dinner table into the eyes of their spouse and don’t recognize the person staring back.

You need to invest in your marriage today to continue to have a fulfilling relationship down the road. Equally, you must invest in yourself now to keep your best self from drifting away and one day becoming unrecognizable.

To clarify, when I’m talking about you being your best self, I’m not simply talking about dreams and careers. You are a whole package – a whole person!

Being at your best looks like this:

Being in top physical health with healthy relationships.

Someone who does at least one thing every day that brings joy into your life that doesn’t have anything to do with your kids or your house, or even work!

And who is strong spiritually, with a thriving relationship with God.

Who, by the way, is vital to getting you to your best version in the first place.

Your Family Deserves You at Your Best too!

I believe your family, the one you adore – wants, needs, and deserves to see you at your
best. Not just because they love you and want you to be happy, but because of how
this affects them.

You’ve heard the sayings, happy wife, happy life. And If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. There’s probably more but you get the point. I believe if we get to the heart of this issue, we won’t need anymore more books on curing the angry mom.

And no, I’m not at all saying that this new version of you opens a magic door to a world with no stress and problems. I wish!

Nope, it’s the same world, same stresses, same worries, and same doubts. But you’ll just be better equipped to handle them now. When your tank is full, you’re ready to seize your day without being weighed down by mom-guilt.

This blog series will give you tips and inspiration to help you place YOU at the top of the list and start making your self care routine a priority. So you can be your best and serve your family from a full-tank instead of a dry-well.

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How do you make self-care a priority? Leave your comments below…

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