100 Names for Stuffed Animals Your Child Will Love!

The moment you give your child their first stuffed animal or they receive one as a gift the fun begins with giving this new little lovie a special name. After all, it may very well be a friend that spans their childhood.

However, chances are, there will be many more stuffed friends to come. And that means assigning a lot of names!

Your child may be instinctively comfortable with the naming process and will know their sweet little name the moment they meet. But sometimes kiddos can feel a lot of pressure to find that perfect name or just need a little naming inspiration.

In the process of helping your little one find the perfect name for their stuffed animal, there are a few things to help things go more smoothly.

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Tips for Naming Stuffed Animals

  1. The first thing to consider is keeping the name simple to help your child remember it. I’ve had many instances where my kids would come to me later asking, “what was my bear’s name again?It happens.
  2. Keep your opinions mostly to yourself. Your child should be free to name their stuffed animal whatever makes them happy and feel connected to their new friend…no matter how strange it may seem. Only speak up if there’s a valid concern.
  3. Choose to highlight a unique characteristic about their new friend such as their color, animal type, outfit, or something else unique. For example, my son had a stuffed dinosaur that he named “Camo” because his fabric was green camouflage.
  4. Think of favorite cartoon characters they might want to use to name their stuffie.
  5. Know that picking a name can be hard for many children who don’t want to get it “wrong.” Make them feel comfortable by telling them stories of how you chose their name.
  6. Make a game out of the top name-contenders like picking from a random drawing of the names, doing a coin toss, or creating a scavenger hunt to the winning name.

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So here are the best stuffed animal names broken down by different categories for maximum creative inspiration!

Stuffed Animal Names Based on Color

Pinkie PieBrownieBlondieSpot
LavaPeanut ButterPumpkin PieShamrock

Animal Names Based on Animal Type

BubblesFinnieMr. ScratchiesWhiskers
HopsicalSir MeowingtonPigletBiscuit
Mr. SniffersWoofFeathersRex

Best Teddy Bear Names

Mr. CuddlesworthSprinklesBalooWinnie
RawrMrs. GummyMr. CuddlesFranklin
Hairy BarryPookyBeary PoppinsTheodore
Mrs. CuddlesPatchesPaddingtonPooh Bear

Magical & Whimsical Names for Stuffed Animals

Beary PotterWonderSmeagolPenelope

Funny Stuffed Animal Names

Butter FaceCocoa PuffHulkGidget
MarshmallowNinjaChewbaccaMr. Fluffy Muffins
QuackersTic TacBitsMrs. Ticklesworth
Hot SaucePorkchopConfettiGodzilla

Let me know in the comments below which name is your favorite!

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