15 Stuffed Animal Games Kids Won’t Want to Stop Playing

When your little one gets their first stuffed animal or simply adds to their collection, they may need some play inspiration. In other words, kids sometimes need some ideas on how to play with their stuffed animals.

These stuffed animal games are fun ideas to get kids off the screens and diving deep into imaginative play which is everything we want. Use these games at playdates, birthday parties, or just one-on-one fun with your child and their stuffies.

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1. Hide and Seek

This game starts by your child sitting blindfolded or covering their eyes in a room while you hide their stuffed animals throughout the house. Once you tell them that you’re done hiding all their buddies, they can started counting to 20 and then announce themselves with a good, “ready or not here I come!”

Be sure to have a prize waiting when all the stuffies are accounted for. You can even add a timer for added fun.

2. Storytime in a Fort

Help your child build a cool fort and make sure there’s a light inside. Bring all their stuffed animals inside and let your child pick out their favorite books to bring into the fort and read to their audience.

They can even put on a shadow puppet performance to add to the drama of the reading.

3. Animal Hospital

If your child watches Doc McStuffins, chances are, they love playing doctor with their toys and teddy bears. All your child needs is a toy doctor kit or some child-safe items from your first aid kit like bandaids and a thermometer.

Then the only thing needed is some sick patients who need a doctor!

4. Camping Indoors

If you’ve still got your fort up from the story time game, your child can also use the fort as a camping tent and pretend they are on an outdoor adventure.

Tell campfire stories, make s’mores, and even sleep in the tent for the biggest adventure.

5. Run Your City Game

Your child gets to create their own city and run it with their stuffed friends. So much needs to be done! A mayor needs to be elected, the city needs to be named, and every one needs their own career.

6. Sherlock Holmes Game

Set up a scenario where one animal goes missing without a trace. Well, maybe at least one trace! Leave some clues leading to this animal’s whereabouts and allow your little detective to practice their sleuthing skills.

7. Guess a Friend

Place your child’s stuffed animals in a basket and blindfold your child. Have them pull a random stuffie from the basket and they have 10 seconds to guess which of their friends it is.

8. Superhero to the Rescue

Let your child select one stuffed animal or teddy bear to be the superhero. They need to decide what their superpowers are and what their weaknesses are.

Then create fun scenarios where several of their friends are in trouble and the superhero must use their powers to save them.

9. Playing School

It’s time to play school and imagine what an epic school day could be like if only stuffed animals were in charge. There would be lots of learning time but don’t forget lunch, recess, and art class!

10. Fashion Show

Drag out all the doll and teddy bear outfits your child has and let them put on a fashion show. The most creative outfit wins a prize. They can even become the designer by making some no-sew teddy bear fashion.

11. The Carnival Game

Have fun setting up game booths and creating rides for all the stuffed animal friends to enjoy. You can even have your child create paper tickets for each animal to get into the carnival. And don’t forget about the carnival treats!

12. Go to the Zoo

If your child has a lot of different animals, this is a wonderful game. Let them creative their own fun exhibits with each animal just like at the real zoo.

Then have them take their other animals on a zoo tour!

13. Have a Teddy Tea Party

Create a round table tea party or put a blanket on the floor and have fun with a simple tea party. Make tea sandwiches, and have plenty of yummy tea in pretty cups. And don’t forget the best part…sugar cubes!

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