51 Ways To Be A Fun Mom Even If You’re Stressed or Tired!

Would your kids call you a fun mom? Think about that for a second… are you way too consumed with adulting to notice that your kids really need a mom who is happy and knows how to have fun with them?

Look, I get it. I can be as uptight as they come! I spent my early years as a mom focused on getting all the things done and doing what I called “putting out fires” every day.

I missed sooooo much when my girls were little. And the funny thing is, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since my first daughter was born.

I’ve been with my kids from the very beginning and it’s crazy how disconnected I was sitting right next to them. Being a fun mom didn’t come naturally to me… I had to learn how to become a fun mom and enjoy my kids.

I started this intentional journey when my son was born three years ago. I made a decision to become the mom I really wanted to be and soak up all the good stuff. To be intentional about being present with my kids and not just their disciplinarian, dinner maker, and chauffeur.

I mean, I’m still all those things but I want to be more!

How to Have More Fun With Your Kids

I want to become the fun and happy mom I know my kids really need. It’s not just about feeling happy and being fun all the time but about building the foundation for a life-long relationship. Sure, I’ll always be their mom, but we don’t get a guaranteed ticket into their heart. And that’s where I want to be for a lifetime… in their most intimate place.

In this crazy upside-down world, I want my kids to never hesitate on coming to me with every question, issue, and fear they experience so I can lovingly help them through it.

Let me tell you, your kids won’t be rushing to you as the always shouting, super strict, and totally burned-out mom. Heck no!

And I’m not talking about doing things to become your child’s friend either. Nope! You are their parent and should be respected as such. But we can be nice and welcoming in how we relate to our kids.

Sure, we all have days when our precious little ones just get on your last nerve and you feel like snapping and are miles away from “fun-town.”

Just try doing these things little by little and I promise you’ll see a difference. And you and your kids will be so grateful you did!

Let me just give you one disclaimer first. The younger your kids are the cooler these activities will seem to them. The older your kids get, the more they’ll act like you’re embarrassing them or you’re being lame for trying.

Let me encourage you that this is just a facade and even your tweens and teens secretly love it when you make an effort to be interested in them even when you may actually be embarrassing them! So give these a try even if you don’t get the reaction you were hoping for.

Here are some Fun Learning Activities for Your Toddlers too!

51 Ways to be a Fun Mom and Enjoy Your Kids

  1. Have random and undistracted conversations about whatever they bring up. Ask questions and actually be interested in what they say.
  2. Read a book aloud. This is great to do even as your kids get older in the form of a mystery or adventure novel. Here’s my complete kid book recommendations list.
  3. Make slime. Yes, it’s messy but they love it.
  4. Work on a fun activity kit together. These activity crates are my kids’ new obsession!
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt style nature walk. Make a list of things you want to see and score them by difficulty and keep score on the walk. Offer small prizes based on how many points earned.
  6. Race your kid at the park. The faster you are the cooler you appear to be.
  7. Make a craft.
  8. Go swimming.
  9. Play their favorite video game.
  10. Have a contest to see who can do ______ better, faster, neater.
  11. Let them miss a day at school to go to the movies. My husband actually did this one!
  12. Do what they love. If it’s soccer, play soccer with them. If it’s dance, learn the steps with them.
  13. Invite them to run errands with you and stop for ice cream.
  14. Cook a meal together. Here’s a kid’s cooking class that’ll your kids will love.
  15. Play Would You Rather. Here are some questions to get you started
  16. Tell jokes.
  17. Watch a Netflix movie marathon complete with buttery popcorn.
  18. Go on a bike ride.
  19. Bake your favorite cookies and turn them into ice cream sandwiches.
  20. Go to a painting class.
  21. Keep a shared journal that you write in separately to share your thoughts. I love this journal! This one’s perfect for boys.
  22. Take a kid-friendly fitness class or enroll them in a kid’s fitness gym. My kids love this one.
  23. Work out together at the park.
  24. Visit a splash park in the summer.
  25. Read kid magazines together and take all the quizzes.
  26. Do silly pranks on each other.
  27. Make your kid laugh with a tickle fight.
  28. Have a silly face contest and post the winner on your social media or just laugh at it.
  29. Make a crazy milkshake.
  30. Have a spa night. My middle daughter loves this!
  31. Play superhero. My son equally loves this!
  32. Write a book together.
  33. Share an art journal if your child loves art. This is such a cute one!
  34. Have a dance party.
  35. Have a totally electronic device-free day.
  36. Order books from a monthly subscription service for kids. This makes reading a fun and gift-like experience. My family loves this book subscription service that sends all their books wrapped like birthday gifts!
  37. Have themed dinner nights.
  38. Read a devotional together and work through the activities and questions. This fun devotional combines God and Science in a really fun way.
  39. Play their favorite sport at the park.
  40. Create an obstacle course in the backyard and race to complete it.
  41. Invest in the things they love. My daughter is a brilliant artist so I’m always surprising her with new sketch pads or other art supplies.
  42. Fly a kite.
  43. Have a slumber party in the living room.
  44. Let your kids get really messy. I personally don’t like when my kids get messy, but this is a sacrifice on my end to let them have fun.
  45. Have a water balloon fight.
  46. Put on a full drama performance complete with scripts and costumes.
  47. Have a pajama day during the week.
  48. Build an epic fort in your living room.
  49. Have cuddle time with the child who will still let you. This is great for those kids whose love language is physical touch. Get 50 love language ideas for your kids here!
  50. Add glow sticks to your child’s bath and turn off the lights!
  51. Always give them your full attention no matter when they need you.

Wow! That’s a lot of fun for you and your kids. Are you ready to put this tips to good use? Your kids will thank you for it!

Did I miss an awesome fun idea? Please, share your favorite fun activities in the comments below.

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1 month ago

Thank you so much for these amazing and engaging ideas! ❤️ some of them are definitely going to help me with my daughter..!

2 months ago

thank you for sharing.. need to practice with my daughter.. regards from Indonesia

4 months ago

Wooow! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiration !! 🙏💙

5 months ago

I love these ideas. I would also add family game night,which is a big hit in our home. We also love breaking out the playdough.

1 year ago

My kids are 18,11,4 and 2
My oldest is moved out but still likes occasional one on one. My 11 year old loves to make up dances together and trade massages, my 4 year old loves when we do play doh together (especially pretend cooking kind) or hot wheels and my 2 year old loves to color or read together. They all love taking walks or being allowed to “walk in the rain” and jump in puddles then come home and get warm and have cocoa or hot apple cider.

1 year ago

Little late to the convo – dump out the recycling on a rainy day, make musical instruments and sing every song you know : )

1 year ago

Playing hide and seek! I’ve been asked to play this one since my boy was 2 years old. He’s 9 now and still loves the game that makes us both laugh and be silly! ????

2 years ago

Thank you so much for these ideas! Spending quality time with my son is definetly my top priority! I love that most of these are simple and short, so that we can do them in my breaks. As a work from home mom, I really want to make the most of our time together!

I’ll save this article and try these out for sure!

2 years ago

I love these ideas soooo much! Thanks for sharing. <3

2 years ago

Thanks soo much! I really needed this right now!

Khendra Wootten
2 years ago

FLASH LIGHT TAG!!! Shut all the lights off in the house and play!!! My kids LOVE it!!!! Painters tape on the floor and create mazes they have to walk through, take their cars through, or make it race tracks. Or I create a hop scotch board on my floor.

Gretchen T.
2 years ago

Love these ideas! Here’s another: Have a scavenger hunt dinner. Each part of the meal is found by solving the riddles and after each part is eaten there is some activity to do like a craft or sock ball fight. This allows you to set up the next part of the meal and they have a great time. Super activity for when you’re stuck indoors, or you could take it outdoors and eat picnic style! My kids loved doing this and ask to do it again.

3 years ago

Thank you for all the great ideas! Love the variety of your list of ways to be a fun mom!

3 years ago

It is so hard to be intentional when we have so much going on and are constantly distracted. This list is such a great go-to to create lifelong connections and memories with our children! Thank you!

3 years ago

Yes to pajama days!

3 years ago

Oh yes, we have pajama days!

3 years ago

I am SOOOOO glad I found this post. I am trying desperately not to cry as I read it. I have 4 kiddos and am always focused on being “the mom” and making sure everything is done and kids are behaving and everything is perfect. I always tell myself I need to be more involved and quit trying to control it all, but never know quite how to start. This is EXACTLY what I needed. I am going to start implementing this list today. THANK YOU, from a soon to be ex-unfun mom. ????

2 years ago
Reply to  Jen

You are not alone!!!! I tend to be a super control freak. I know it. I admit it. I do not know how to stop it.

4 years ago

I like to help my kids make a blanket fort in the living room. They like playing in there and enjoying picnics afndnd watching their favorite movies!

4 years ago

???? We will have tickle fights!

4 years ago

It might get frustrating or annoying, but let (and sometime join) them walk/balance on the curbs and beams in parking lots (obviously only when safe), sidewalks, at parks, and anywhere they tug your arm a little to try and walk on it. When they’re almost 7 and watching their 2yr old sister do it and tell you thank you for letting me do that when I want to and when I was little, you’ll be glad you did!!!

4 years ago

These are all great ideas. You always need to entertain them one way or another.

4 years ago

These are even great for a summer bucket list or during school breaks! I love the idea of a slumber party in the living room. My daughter would love that.

4 years ago

These are such great tips! My kids love having dance parties and racing me at the park! We are going to try some of your other tips! Thanks for the awesome post!

4 years ago

these are wonderful suggestions! I love all these ideas and they never get boring!

4 years ago

Its so easy to focus on our other roles and become disconnected. I want to be a fun mom too! This is a great list, I’m excited to get started on it 😀

4 years ago

Such a great list. So many times people think you have to be over the top to be a great parent and really it’s easy if you have a list like this to remind you!

4 years ago

I love the glowsticks idea. I did a lot of the other things with my kids. Great ideas. My favorite was to read to them every night.

4 years ago

These are great ideas! My mom did such a fantastic job of being present when I was growing up, and I love seeing other moms do the same.

4 years ago

Great list. I definitely need to be better about engaging with my kids. Sometimes it’s so much easier to sit and watch but I need to engage more.

4 years ago

I love this post, I deal with mom guilt all the time about feeling disconnected, tired and stressed out. I feel like my oldest has experienced the worst of it, so I’m going to start trying some of these recommendations with her. Thanks so much!

These are great, I really need to start doing some of these with my one year old. But I think I’ll skip on the slime till he’s bigger lol

3 months ago
Reply to  Brandi Michel

When my daughter was little i put paint in a ziplock bag and let her play with it.

4 years ago

These are so great! I really enjoyed the different options you talk about here.

4 years ago

These are such good, unique tips! My three year old has been begging me to make slime. I think I finally need to give in. It sounds like she would love it. 🙂

4 years ago

I really needed this! I very often feel like the boring Mom so this list is just what I need!

I love this!!! And I am SO glad that you have the perfect balance, being a fun mom without being your children’s friend! That is a line that gets crossed way too often these days. I admit, I definitely need to be a more fun mom, and this list is a super way to start! Thank you!

4 years ago

All of these are great. My kid’s dream come true would be if I got on board with and made some slime – lol! And we are all about the pranks! Great list – will definitely be checking out more of these with my five kids 🙂

This is a great list. It’s always great to have a lot of ideas on hand!

4 years ago

I love all of these, but I think that themed dinner nights sound SO fun! Definitely keeping that in mind for when I have kids! 🙂

4 years ago

You had some great ideas! I always considered myself a fun mom, with a little “vinegar”! But at the end of the day, I turned out 2 kids that are compassionate, healthy and have a work ethic like no other! =)

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